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I got a phone Call from Direct TV yesterday, They were telling me to go back to their company. DIRECT TV Offer us some special discounts. They were our Satellite Provider last year because they have TFC (the filipino Channel). We pay a very low $40.00 something with the TFC, but after a year, we noticed that the payment got higher. It went up to $60.00. So we cancel our services and switch to Dish network which that time had some special of $34.00 of more than 100 channels.

We dont wanna leave Direct TV, but don’t wanna pay $60 some dollars for our now, we don’t have TFC. Well, DIRECT TV Offers is hard to beat. They have now 200 plus channel for $34.99? why they did not offer that when we were about to leave them?

DIRECT TV Specials and promotions is getting better, i mean i can switch back because i miss The Filipino channel.

Direct TV also tell me that if incase i want to switch and im still under contract with another service, they are willing to pay the penalty. So i’m gonna talk to my husband about it.

If you decided to switch services like me, You should check out They have the best DIRECTV Specials and their DIRECTTV Specials are $29.99/mo for 150 + channels, $34.99/mo for 210 +channels and the best value is $39.99/mo for 225+channels. What a Great Value, compare to what i have now with Dish Network.

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